San Fernando General Hospital


There has been an intermittent smell of sewerage at the department for years. Recently the smell has gotten worse, whereby it is burning eyes and itching their skin. The association was informed of this on the 14/01/2019. Plumbing, engineering and A/C Department has attempted to resolve the situation in the pass with no success. The stench was still there on 16/01/2019, the ward area was visited and on the advice and support of the union, the nurses refused to work until the matter was resolved. OSHA hotline was contacted, complaint number is C0021-1-2019. The CEO contacted the union representative and gave an assurance that a resolution will be soon and to expect persons to visit the area. Hospital Administration (Mr. Allen & Ms. St. John), Refrigeration (Mr. Jagroop), GM Quality (Mrs. Balgobin), GM Nursing (Mrs. Elbourne), Theatre Manager (Mrs. Lewis), Property Services (Mr. Varma, Mr. Ragoobar, Mr. Mahase), Plumbing and Engineering were also there. Two (2) gaping holes was found above the vent in the theatre, funds were being mobilized to fix the hole (in the sewer pipe). A solution was put forward by nursing personnel to move the theatre cases to another theatre (in the interim) where the cases can be done after 4pm but this recommendation was refused by the physicians. The Board is aware of the issue. There were many other health and safety violations noted namely: no annual risk assessments, no annual medical for staff, non-functioning radiation exposure badges, no thyroid shields and no air quality testing. The situation remained unresolved on 17/01/2019 and again the association visited the area and again the nurses refused to work. The nurses were again given the assurance that the matter will be rectified. On 18/01/2019 the matter was resolved whereby the nurses had to stop using both of the theatres at the Department but one in the interim as the sewer problem is being rectified.