Fyzabad MP wants assessment of RHAs

MP for Fyzabad Lackram Bodoe during the UNC political Monday night meeting held at Fyzabad Secondary school. Photo by Chequana Wheeler

Source: NewsDay

FYZABAD MP Dr Lackram Bodoe is supporting a call by the TT Registered Nurses Association (TTRNA) for improved industrial practices and communication between the regional health authorities (RHAs) and nurses.

In a statement on Sunday, Bodoe spoke of a recent assessment by the TTRNA of each RHA in which they were rated best-to-worst site to work.

According to the results, the best RHA for nurses to work was the Eastern Regional Health Authority while the North Central RHA was deemed to be the worst.

In its assessment, published on its Facebook page on January 10, the TTRNA said it “will be using every resource in its arsenal to rein in the errant RHA.” It advised workers of the NCRHA to “stay tuned for pending action” in February.

The TTRNA said the North West RHA had “dramatically improved” in 2019, while the Tobago RHA dropped in the previously held perception that it was once the premier RHA to work for.

“The TTRNA looks forward for some stability, organisational direction, and improved worker satisfaction within SWRHA and their ever-changing CEOs,” the association said.

Bodoe, who is a former SWRHA chairman, said the views and assessment of the TTRNA reflected the reality at the RHAs.

“In addition, I wish to reiterate the calls from nurses about the lack of health and safety measures within the regional health authorities, in particular the North Central Regional Health Authority.

“There have been many reports on social and print media of unsafe facilities as well as dangerous and criminal acts being committed such as murders of patients whilst under care,” he added.

Bodoe said while nurses, doctors and other health workers continue to suffer from neglect, poor working conditions and lack of supplies, they are ignored.

Bodoe called on Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh to take the TTRNA’s assessment seriously and implement an “immediate investigation into the findings to seek solutions aimed at improving the standard of care in all of the RHA’s.”


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