Nursing and Midwifery Jan 2020 1

Some new members at Sangre Grande Hospital (SGH) - Operating Theatre Nurses.

During the course of 2019, and in particular the last two weeks, TTRNA has observed that the comradery and unification of nursing and midwifery personnel has grown leaps and bounds. The coming together for the common purpose of improving the socio-economic position of nurses and midwives is indeed heart-warming.

In SGH, the above nurses asked their pertinent and insightful questions, got factual answers, and became the first for 2020 to join the almost 3000 strong TTRNA membership. A membership that has consistently growing by 500 new members, year on year, since the new energetic executive took over.

Nursing and Midwifery personnel are also quickly coming to the realization that the only way we can improve our lot, is through unity amongst us all and a strong TTRNA. While there will always be the few detractors around, due to through trying to promote their own individual interest, the majority of persons understand that unity is strength and the Nursing Union is the only organization that can and ought to become the bargaining unit for nursing personnel.

During the Christmas and New Years periods, TTRNA witnessed multiple instances where nurses rose to the occasion and assisted their colleagues who unfortunately became patients in their care. We saw it with Nurse Lynch and the hard working nurses of the POSGH A&E department and bed bureau, who facilitated our TTRNA executive member in moving through the department in a timely manner.

Nursing and Midwifery Jan 2020 2

Super nurse - RN Giselle Lynch

It was also displayed when another member was shot in the abdomen in Arima, and is currently being expertly nursed and treated in EWMSC high dependency unit by her colleagues. They didn’t wait for management to see about their colleague, they stepped up to the plate and have being doing the needful.

In 2020, we call on all Nurses and Midwives, to do the same when you have been made aware the patient is also a nursing or midwifery staff (from any institution or retired). All other services and profession take care of their own, so why we haven’t been doing the same.

We also want to acknowledge the nursing personnel of Ward 3 POSGH, who continue to deliver excellent quality care despite the recent shootings on the ward and their continued challenges. Thanks also to ENA Winda Greene and all the nursing personnel of ward 16. Also nurses in Siparia Health Centre and Nurse Prematie Ramnath. TTRNA salutes you. TTRNA also acknowledge Plaster Technician Mr. Prout, attendant Mr. Wellington, the police service and Corporal Sullivan #17410 of the Traffic and Highway division in El Secorro, who assisted us in various forms during the season.

We thank all those nurses and midwives who came out during the holidays to relieve their colleagues across all RHAs. Proved them wrong that nurses fail on these holidays. We met some of these nurses on our walkabouts on Christmas day at POSGH and St James Medical Centre.

Nursing and Midwifery Jan 2020 3

Nurses working hard on Christmas day at St James Medical Centre

Nursing and Midwifery Jan 2020 4Hundreds of tea plates being prepared and packed at TTRNA headquarters on Christmas day.

Let’s keep the momentum going throughout 2020 and in the future. As TTRNA goes through the process with the RRCB, it looks like we will be given the Recognised Majority Union (RMU) status in two (2) regions. So 2020, is shaping up to be a great year for celebration amongst Nurses and Midwives. Self-representation.


February 17, 2020

The Night Shift - Thank You

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February 17, 2020

Nurses 2020 Gala

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February 10, 2020


In photo from left to right: Sharon Lakhan-King – TTRNA Education and Research officer, Sherma Alexander - GM Nursing of NWRHA, Idi Stuart – TTRNA President, Beryl Brewster – TTRNA Academy Manager The Trinidad and Tobago Registered Nurses Association (TTRNA) congratulates Ms. Sherma Alexander on becoming the General Manager of…

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February 06, 2020

Relief coming soon for POSGH Nurses.

From right to left - TTRNA President – Idi Stuart speaking with, General Manager of Quality, CEO (Ag) – Terron Gilchrist, POSGH Nursing Supervisor, Project Manager, IRO for POSGH (partly blocked), and General Manager of Nursing - Sherma Alexander Trinidad and Tobago Registered Nurses Association (TTRNA) was pleased to be…

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February 01, 2020


Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash On the 28th January 2020, Trinidad and Tobago held one of its VNR’s. It was held at the Ministry of Works and Transport head office under the auspices of the Ministry of Planning and Development. These…

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January 25, 2020

Significant progress made with TRHA management

In Photo: TRHA CEO – Sheldon Cyrus (left) and his executive management, meet with TTRNA President – Idi Stuart (right) and Tobago branch executive. Trinidad and Tobago Registered Nurses Association (TTRNA) has made remarkable progress over the last three (3) months since entering into frank, open and honest deliberations with…

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January 23, 2020

Grande nurses on the inside for Nurses All-inclusive Fete

Thanks for the support from the Grande nurses crew as they will be coming out in their numbers to the 2nd Annual Nurses All-Inclusive Fete carded for Saturday 15th February 2020. All roads lead to TTRNA Headquarters (opposite Jean Pierre Complex), for what has already become a staple on the…

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