TTRNA meets with Minister of Labour to discuss issues at North Central Regional Health Authority and Tobago Regional Health Authority.

TTRNA meets with Minister of Labour Aug 2019

In photo from left to right: Letitia Cox - 2nd TTRNA Vice President, Corey Dillon – TTRNA Treasurer, Idi Stuart – TTRNA President,  Senator Jennifer Baptiste-Primus - Minister of Labour Small and Microenterprises, Ms. Natalie Willis - Permanent Secretary (Ag,), Ms. Sangeeta Boondoo Senior Legal Advisor and Ms. Cornwall Advisor to the Minister of Labour.

The Trinidad and Tobago Registered Nurses Association completed a two-hour long meeting with the Minister of Labour and representatives from Ministry Of Labour and Small Enterprise Development. The meeting focused primarily on issues of: 

1. Temporary employment for nurses at NCRHA.
2. Chronic shortage of staff at NCRHA.
3. Short term contract employment at TRHA. 

TTRNA requested and was granted the opportunity to state its case to the Honorable Minister in its final effort to have the Government address the poor labour relations practiced by the North Central Regional Health Authority. TTRNA presented documentation of the grave shortage of staff plaguing the institutions falling under the management of the NCRHA. The NCRHA is headed by CEO Davlin Thomas and Board.

TTRNA highlighted the regular practice of having 1 or 2 RNs on duty in the wards of EWMSC on an evening and night shifts. The association noted that this is untenable and would result in increased morbidity and mortality rates.

TTRNA affirmed that it would not allow the year 2020 to meet nurses working under sub-standard conditions. The association maintains that hiring nursing personnel solely on ‘GM pool’ and ‘continuous temporary’is a deplorable practice. This must cease and desist immediately, and nursing personnel employed on a permanent basis.

The TTRNA also noted that the role, and function of a CEO of a Regional Health Authority,is a crucial one. Therefore, it would not be in the best interest of the NCRHA to have a part-time CEO that manages cultural shows and CARIFESTA productions.

TTRNA also contended that the policy of the Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA) to offer continuous 2-year contracts to nursing personnel, is unjustifiable. These persons should now be made Permanent employees. Especially, since these employees are not paid gratuities within a reasonable time by the region.

TTRNA thanks the Minister of Labour, who gave her commitment to intervene as she acknowledged ours as an essential service. The Minister promised to act within the confines of her portfolio as a Minister. TTRNA will update the Nursing Community within three (3) weeks, on the outcome of the Minister’s intervention. In the event that these talks are unsuccessful, we place nurses on notice of pending demonstrations at the relevant Regional Health Authorities.

TTRNA meets with Minister of Labour Aug 2019 1

TTRNA meets with Minister of Labour Aug 2019 2


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