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Officials of UWISON met with TTRNA on Friday 23rd March 2018, where they held lengthy and fruitful discussions on matters of continuing education, developing nursing research, and greater nursing student involvement in the student nurse’s association.

It was indeed refreshing for the professional association to reveal our goals for nursing education, particularly in nursing administration and leadership, and have it expressed by the UWI team that it also shared a similar vision.

In the 2nd half of 2018 TTRNA hopes to launch our nursing scholarships for student nurses through UWISON, to assist them with the varied expenses that they are faced with during their 4year course of study. What is extremely exciting for the nursing population to look forward too, is the coming on stream of joint research projects between TTRNA and UWISON. Nurses will have an opportunity to work on meaningful research projects that will have a direct impact on nursing in Trinidad and Tobago, while improving their competences in research.

Nursing in the 21st century, cannot be business as usual, but must require organisations like TTRNA and UWISON to address the shortfalls evident in local nursing, and equip practicing and recently graduated nurses with the skills required to improve the health sector and health outcomes of the population.

TTRNA forms deeper ties with UWISON

In photo from left to right: Mr. Idi Stuart – TTRNA President, Ms. Neisha Nedd – Chair of TTRNA Education Committee, Dr. Onuoha – Senior Lecturer,

Ms. Lu-ann Caesar - Administrative Assistant, Dr. Oscar Ocho – Director of UWISON.

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