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Due to the overwhelming demand in SFGH on Wednesday, and repeated calls for the caravan to reach institutions not yet visited, TATIL has agreed to extend the open enrollment period for the TTRNA health plan by one (1) month.

However, members will be required to ensure their salary deduction forms are delivered to their respective payrolls before the March 10th, 2018. Persons wanting to join between the 10th & 30th March, will have to make their first payment over the counter to TTRNA upon signing up.

This will allow the 1st payment to be forwarded to TATIL at the end of March month. Please remember, after the open enrollment period, persons will have to do a complete medical at their own expense prior to joining the plan. Additionally, you can be denied due to any pre-existing conditions, previously known or unknown, following this medical.

Dates and locations for the insurance caravan visits will be posted on the website and persons can also visit the office before the deadline date to sign up.

Those who have already joined, the first batch of Insurance cards and Discount cards should be ready within two weeks, so we will notify you of the distribution dates.

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