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In Photo: Marlene Edwards Dillon (left) collects settlement cheque received from private employer, given by Tonia Gomez (TTRNA - Office Administrator).


As TTRNA continues to broaden its services to its growing membership list, we are pleased to continue updating members of the number of successful matters we have had at the Ministry of Labour, the Industrial Court, and the High Court of Trinidad and Tobago.

In focus today, is where the union won against a private health institution who sought to unilaterally alter the terms and conditions of the nurse’s employment. This resulted in the termination of employment when the employer failed to relent.

Unfortunately for the employer, they did not realise that this nurse was a member of the nurses union (TTRNA), and due to the unique understanding that comes with being represented by nurses, the union was able to agrue successfully on the member behalf and won an appropriate compensation for loss of earnings.

Also to note, TTRNA has not loss one case as yet that have been brought before the Ministry of Labour, since becoming a Union in 2014. This track record is jealousy guarded, as we move forward representing our members, by both advising members on their rights as an employee and their obligation to the employer.

TTRNA will want to employers to know, that it is no longer business as usual. Whether it be within public or private health institutions, TTRNA represents all nursing personnel ‘To The Full Extreme’.

Improving Health Care from Within: Nurses Empowering Nurses

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