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Trinidad and Tobago Registered Nurses Association (TTRNA) is indeed pleased to be invited to celebrate with its sister organization, the Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association (TTMA), as they held their Presidential Inauguration Ceremony 2018 on Saturday 20th January 2018.

This gala affair was held at the recently renovated, ‘Passage to Asia’ of Chaguanas, in its Chandelier Hall. The well attended ceremony, chaired by Mr. Gideon Hanoomansingh and under the patronage of the Honourable Minister of Health, saw the Induction of the new President Dr. Chandra Saroop and her 2018 executive.

The night also witnessed the awarding of Honour to Dr. Sherene Kalloo and Dr. Ajit Kuruvilla, for excellence in obstetrics, charity work, and patient advocacy. TTRNA will also like to acknowledge the work done by the outgoing President Dr. Stacey Chamely and her executive, and the new public relations officer (PRO) Dr. Marisa Nimrod, on the work done under thier term of office, especially in re-establishing ties with TTRNA.

TTRNA looks forward to growing our continued partnership with the new executive, as both organizations look forward to doing what they can and must, in improving our nations healthcare. This continued partnership can only bode will for all parties concerned and our patients, for when Nurses and Doctors work together, great things are possible.

President of TTRNA Idi Stuart congratulates President of TTMA 1

President of TTRNA Idi Stuart congratulates President of TTMA Dr. Chandra Saroop

TTMA 2018 Executive

TTMA 2018 Executive

Past President Dr. Stacey Chamely 3

Past President Dr. Stacey Chamely

Passage to Asia Chandelier Hall with guest 4

Past President Dr. Stacey Chamely

Dr. Ajit Kuruvilla Dr. Solaiman Juman 5

Dr. Ajit Kuruvilla                                                             Dr. Solaiman Juman

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