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  • Provided partial scholarship grants to members, prior to Government’s introduction of a scholarship programme.
  • Facilitated overseas attachments through arranging accommodation and professional courtesies.
  • Host educational conferences annually to update nursing and midwifery personnel.
  • Provide opportunities for members to benefit from ICN 3M fellowships and ICN bursaries for Leadership training programme.
  • Provide opportunities for receiving educational offerings of the Commonwealth Nurses Federation. & ICN (workshops/conferences)
  • Source sponsorship for members and nursing students to participate in international, regional and local nursing/health forums.
  • Convene Quadrennial Conferences with TTNA Amer. Inc. every (4) four years since 1983 to expose members/nursing personnel to new knowledge from international, regional & local speakers.
  • Played a lead role in the policy change resulting in the transfer of nursing education to tertiary educational institutions.
  • Represented nursing and midwifery personnel on national committees for improving the health service; including the Morean Commission & 1990 Cabinet appointed Task Force to review the health situation
  • Participated in the development of the NCTT’s first Professional Code of Conduct for the Registered Nurse, Licensed Midwife & Health Visitor; the development of the first curriculum for the preparation of Intensive Care Nurses in Trinidad & Tobago and the development &/ or review of curricula for other nursing and midwifery programmes.
  • Provides library service at Head Office
  • Provides awards and book grants for nursing students.
  • Established and operates a Nursing Academy to provide continuing education programmes for nursing personnel and health care programmes for members of the public.
  • Provides support to members families in times of need.
  • Seeks to have nurses recognised at national, regional &international levels for their contribution to nursing and the population.
  • Provided legal oversight/support to protect nursing’s interest during the Commission of Inquiry into the “egg nog” adverse event at St. Ann’s hospital.
  • Sought to have a nurse representative on each RHA Board commencing with promulgation of the RHA Act 1994.
  • Provide inputs in the development of local (national), regional and international nursing /health policies and local and regional legislation e.g. CARICOM’s Model Professionals Bill
  • Intervene where members have reported an injustice /legitimate, safety and health issues affecting them on the job. e.g. PCCs receiving less salary than HNs at SFGH; or dehumanized by HR practice
  • Lead Lobbies, including networking and mobilization of response against any policy with negative implications for nursing and midwifery personnel.
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